System Speed Test v4.78 - improve access

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System Speed Test v4.78 - improve access

#1 Post by kethd » Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:58 pm

System Speed Test v4.78 is a great tool for measuring RAM memory speed, to tune performance. Read more about this here:

Let's work to make this program more accessible and usable in UBCD.

These are the current problems:

* Sometimes SST hangs when starting, with the message:
"Ver 4.78 Determining system contents... Get DMI info"
The solution when this happens is to specify the SP switch to suppress the startup PnP device scan. But there does not seem to be any way to do this when running from CD.

* General lack of documentation

* How to save report output files when running under UBCD? This is partly a no-documentation issue, and partly a UBCD and USB issue. Maybe it just needs someone to figure out the tricks and write them down. This program produces so many detailed useful measurement numbers that getting a report file is very helpful. So far, the only easy way to get reports seems to be to boot and run from a DOS floppy.

* The original English text file is not as complete as the RUSSIAN.TXT help file. It would be worth running that file through the google translation tool, to produce ENGLISH.TXT, and include that in UBCD distributions, so that people can find out what the keyboard commands are and what the command line switches do.

The easiest solution is to just change the SST launch script to stop right before the program runs. Then the user could hit ENTER and get the current mode as default, or do any manual variations they wanted.

The next most complicated solution would be to add another menu option, to launch the program manually. Or add a sort of 3-sec timer right at the end, that would launch automatically unless the user made some other choice.

The most complicated, and best, solution would be to add some universal mode modifier that would stop all the main menu programs at the last moment, right before they launch, so that users could easily make any manual changes or explorations they wanted -- or just hit ENTER and get the default launch. (It would be OK with me if all the menu choices worked this way all the time, which would be an easy change -- but controversial, no doubt.)

Victor Chew
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#2 Post by Victor Chew » Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:11 am

Thanks for the valuable info that you provided!

I will update the SST launch script in one of the future releases to press enter to proceed with default options, or CTRL-C to abort and launch using manual parameters. I will also update the script to display some info about SST before launch the program.

I will also include a translated version of RUSSIAN.TXT, and to mention it in the info display before program launch.

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