Updating Bios From DOS

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Updating Bios From DOS

#1 Post by Flashouilleur » Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:12 pm

i everyone
it s been a week that i m trying to flash my bios
let me explain the problem
i have and old pc (2007/2008) Medion PC with Q6600 and MS 7358 motherboard
it run in vista 32 bit with 3G0 ram
bios is a locked bios OEM by MEDION
i decided to go on 6 GO and win 7 64bit (as i buy an SSD drive)

everything s going well bios recognize 6GO booting on an SSD going fast (keep double boot in case)
but when i go on computer right clik it show me 6GO (3,25 usable)

i ran out on forum for A day it seems i need to flash my bios to revision 1.1D
i find the file here http://www.medion.com/fr/service/_light ... p?did=5288 (sorry FR)
so i decide to boot on DOS
after many attempts (USB with HP tool) booting with Seven CD on repair or prompt for command
it don t work (work on a computer at work but not home "shitty bios")
so i try to write the ISO of UBCD on a DVD and boot
it s MAgic it work
i use FREEDOS to go on a "real" DOS
after i understand how it work
i copy the file from my NTFS to the A: "virtual" drive

then i launch my autoexec.bat (rename totoexec.bat for not overriding)
it said to me
would u like to flash bios MS 7358
press any key
i press
then a beautiful screen appear
red border with award flash bios
and the file name written in middle
there s a message choose the FILE (the one already written)
but no prompt nothing
can t make ENTER... so i m stucked Here.

have u got any idea how can i do ?

i guess i could edit autoexec.bat (totoexec.bat) to force Enter command ?
but if program ask me other things and i can t answer... my bios should be in a weird State...

thanks for the Help

Joined:Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:00 pm

Re: Updating Bios From DOS

#2 Post by Flashouilleur » Sun Oct 18, 2015 5:56 am

i everybody
to informe about my problem
i dl freedos and modify iso to add my bios flash data
i boot on cdrom and when i install i choose boot on cdrom and prompt for command
then i execute my .bat
not enough memory (message from award flash bios (AWDFFFL882.exe))
so i install freedos on another hard drive (loose all on the other drive certainly bad manip)
i copy my file from cd rom and i launch .bat
file size do not match...

maybe wrong DL... (edit i retry and it s the same)
i read when u switch from some file system file can change size ?

i think that UBCD Freeze on my first attempt that s why i got nothing
in freedos the pc don t freeze i got two bip then a new message (without cliking enter)

maybe a bug ?

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