My hard drive will not load

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My hard drive will not load

#1 Post by countryboy » Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:02 pm

Ok, so here is the thing, My laptop hard drive gets detected by the BIOS/CMOS settings, however It goes to the now loading screen then restarts and repeats till it get turns off, i have encounter this exact same problem before however it was 1, on an xp OS, and 2. it was a tower computer with a floppy drive. My laptop is running Vista Home Basic with no floppy drive, so i have decided to use this UBCD. well i am running 3.4, the way i can fix this problem is easy, run CHKDSK, however i have gone into the DOS command of the UBCD numerous times and cannot find the DOS program that runs it, so i need help. I have a XP MS-dos startup disk that i made off my brothers computer but my laptop has no floppy drive, so i was wondering if there would be a way to put that on the UBCD, or if some 1 knew how to get to run the CHKDSK so i can fix it. im gona try to upgrade but my laptop has the only cd drive that wil actually burn my brothers went out. so can any 1 tell me where the CHKDSK command is in the v3.4 UBCD?? so i can get my laptop fixed.

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#2 Post by StopSpazzing » Wed Sep 30, 2009 4:40 pm

Now loading screen? Are you talking about your bios now loading screen? Or windows Loading screen?

If you find the brand of your HD there are tools already on the CD that allow you to repair your HD. I recommend start there. I believe that FreeDos has chkdsk but I am unable to confirm that.
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