Boot Looping

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Boot Looping

#1 Post by magicboot » Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:51 am

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I just formated my hard drive ( 640gb SATA ) using UBCD, there is a lot of helpful programes there. The format went well, now I use the Part Magic programes sub menu Chromium browser to access the internet. Now.... Im lost on how to handle the downloaded programes, when saved they seem to dissapear into the left bottom corner of the Chromium browser window, how do I find these programes, and install them, I need each step in this process please. Next...the computer has defaulted itself to looking for the UBCD on each boot? I have tried resetting the BIOS boot Hard Drive first but still the post is stalled with the message booting to UBCD / DVD drive? Id like to make two partitions 320 each one for Linux and one XP?

Lastly using the UBCD how do I prepare the Hard Drive, now formatted ( which I cant seem to access ) ....for Linux / Ubuntu installation, Id like to create two 320gb partitions? Does Part Magic have enough space to take the download of Linux/Ubuntu?

Logicall thinking Ive got to prepare the hard drive ie. create two 320GB partions on it. Download the required programes to CD then reboot from DVD drive run the programes onto the hard drive , then reboot from the hard drive and I should be set for addons?

All good advice welcome,

magicboot :?

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