ult cd download problem

Try looking for help here if you are having problems with the latest beta of Ultimate Boot CD.

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ult cd download problem

#1 Post by dixiechick321 » Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:06 am

Can't get passed ads on ult download. It keeps going to Best Buy ads. Can anyone tell me how to bypass? I restarted my computer to complete download but it still doesn't work.

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Re: ult cd download problem

#2 Post by ady » Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:13 pm

The problem could be in your system. Are you sure you don't have some malware?

Anyway, the only official place to download UBCD from one of the official mirrors is:


Alternatively, you could search for "ultimate boot cd" in one of many well known software repositories (not official mirrors, but still downloadable).

Both official and unofficial repositories have also torrent downloads for UBCD503.ISO.

In any case (official, unofficial, torrent, whatever), after downloading and before burning to cd, please double check that the ISO image for version 5.0.3 matches this codes:

[MD5 ] 6cf0f4ff7f11ad2d78058541831c4bcc
[SHA1] 407fe935d942b3d14c85bf12415a37ce46b19c51

IMHO, you should check your own system for malware first, because there is no reason to get to any other place than the ones already officially listed, specially if those other sites request money!


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