How to get UBCD 5.0.3 to recognize USB flash drives?

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How to get UBCD 5.0.3 to recognize USB flash drives?

#1 Post by gilmanjr » Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:29 am

I've had UBCD 5.0.3 since October 24 of this year and I can't figure out how to get it to recognize my 8 GB SanDisk USB flash drives on my Dell Dimension 8200. I was able to get EBCD to identify my ASPI Device as a SanDisk Cruzer 7.01. The UBCD program then said that it installed an ASPI Manager, and followed up with lines reading:
USB: Going resident DI1000DD /h1
followed by several more lines and finally ending with
dos mem corrupt. first_mcl = 025b
PANIC: MCB chain corrupted
System halted

I went through this process several times with the same results. Finally on the last attempt I clicked on the help button and was then warned that installing these USB drivers may render some USB devices unusable. Gee, Thanks, UBCD!

Is there a manual on how to do this on the distribution or on the UBCD web site?

I had a dickens of a time getting UBCD 5.0.3 to recognize my NTFS hard drive, but was finally able to accomplish that.


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Re: How to get UBCD 5.0.3 to recognize USB flash drives?

#2 Post by Icecube » Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:39 am

You can try to select another submenu in the FreeDOS image and choose NOT to install the USB drivers and hpe that your BIOS has USB support.
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Re: How to get UBCD 5.0.3 to recognize USB flash drives?

#3 Post by gilmanjr » Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:27 am

Thanks for the prompt response. I assume that my BIOS supports USB since Dell included the ports and they work with Windows XP. They are only version 1.1, however. My computer was built in 2002 and I don't know if later computer BIOSs support USB in a manner other than mine or not. I have tried Emergency BootCD 1.1g demo and it does recognize my USB drives. Puppy Linux 1.0.8 booted from the CD does not.

From the first menu that comes up when I boot to UBCD I've been selecting "UBCD free DOS R1.39 (Based on NwDsk V3.40" and then letting UBCD boot with all the defaults. Then I've been choosing Volkov Commander (4.99.08a) to try to view the contents of the flash drive, but I never get that drive choice in the VC drive selection window. My USB 2.0 flash drive is not recognized whether I have it inserted when I boot UBCD or insert it after I boot it.

I assume that the "submenu in the FreeDOS image" you refered to is the one that briefly shows up after selecting "UBCD free DOS R1.39 (Based on NwDsk V3.40)". The one that starts out with

Memory Management:
(UMBPCI: faster; EMM386: more compatible)

I've tried most if not all of the choices here without adding USB support and some with adding USB support. When I insert my flash drive it's LED flashes briefly and never lights again when using UBCD.

If I am on the wrong track here, then please send me a detailed procedure on what I should be doing.


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Re: How to get UBCD 5.0.3 to recognize USB flash drives?

#4 Post by ady » Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:42 am


I'm currently not going to answer about usb here. Instead, I'd like to advice you about several much more basic things. Things that, according to your other post, seems to me you need to know first of all.

First, please stop double posting.
I am unacquainted with the procedure for checking with MD5 and SHA1 checksums. Could you please explain? I may still have my original UBCD 5.0.3 torrent. If not, I'll redownload it.
According to this topic where we are currently writing, you already have UBCD 5.0.3 version burned to CD.
I'll try redownloading ... so.torrent

I didn't realize that was a file and not a torrent. I'll retry downloading that one, too.
Here we have 2 separate issues. First, you don't need to download both files, the torrent and the iso image. The torrent file is just one method or mean to get the iso image. So if you already have the iso image, you don't need the torrent file.

The second issue about that paragraph is that ubcd51a1 is an alpha version. If you don't already know some other more basic things, an alpha version is not for you. I sincerely don't mean to offend you; I just want to avoid wasting your time downloading something that most probably is not going to help you with your current situation.

If you can get assistance from some friend that knows more about these issues, then maybe, just maybe, ubcd51a1 may work better than ubcd503. My first bet would be, still, keep trying first with ubcd503, even with help from friends.
All this may take a few days. I only have dial-up Internet service, so must visit a local library or college to access a high speed service.
That last paragraph only reinforce what I already told you.

Anyway, if you want to confirm that your ubcd503.iso is the correct one, and if you still have the original download, then here are some info and tips.

From , you can read:
After you have download the ISO image file, verify the integrity of the image by comparing the MD5/SHA1 checksum of the image with the values above. If you do not have tools to calculate the MD5 or SHA1 checksum, you can try eXpress CheckSum Calculator, though there are tons of other checksum calculators or verifiers around that you can easily locate with a simple Google search.
The link in that quote, for "eXpress CheckSum, is .

Other several alternative programs for checksum and/or hash, some freeware and some not, are listed at .

Alternatively, you may search using some web search service, like Google ... 6c17f79c85 .

Additionally, one alternative to 7-zip (mentioned in several tutorials about ubcd) is PeaZip, , which has also checksum functions.

My personal choice about checking MD5, SHA1 and other hash codes is Arpoon checksum

Now, if the official mirrors to download ubcd503.iso are not working, (or in the future, any future stable versions) you may try waiting and trying afterwards, or some other repositories like (for ubcd503, this links are current) : for several servers; ... -5992.html for USA server.

Both links include options to ubcd503.iso or for the corresponding torrent.

Those are NOT the only UNofficial repositories; there are many others. In any case, official or unofficial, you should always check both MD5 and SHA1 codes with the ones published at .

This way (checking hash codes), you avoid several issues and assure at least that you have the correct file (correctly) downloaded. For checking the already burned CD there are other additional methods, but I won't mention those now.

In addition to checksums / hash codes, torrents and alpha versions, I'd like to quote additional info from :
Now you need to burn the ISO image to CD. This is another topic that frequently trips up newbies who are not familiar with their CD recording software, such as Nero or Easy CD Creator. Some of you end up burning the ISO file itself to the CD, or some other weird results.

The easiest way to burn the ISO file to CD is to use a small specialized freeware such as BurnCDCC or Active@ ISO Burner. For further assistance, refer to the tutorials section for help with burning the ISO image to CD with various popular CD recording software. Where possible, experiment with CDRW discs instead of CDR discs so that you can start over if something goes wrong, instead of churning out coasters.
There are many (many, really! ) freeware simple tools (and tutorials) to correctly burn an iso image. It seems that in your case you already got the CD, so I won't get into it now. I just wanted to "complete" the above mentioned points for other newbies that may be reading this post.

@gilmanjr, if you need more help about your problem with usb, please continue posting here in this topic and avoid double posting.

If you need help with another specific issue other than the current usb one, please open a new topic at the adequate forum category (or better yet :idea: , first search the forum and the ubcd wiki for similar issues and only then open a new topic).

I hope this info helps for future basic reference, even when most of this info is already published somewhere at some section of , or the ubcd forum, or the ubcd wiki.

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Re: How to get UBCD 5.0.3 to recognize USB flash drives?

#5 Post by ady » Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:00 am

Just for "completeness", I wanted to add 2 more links for MD5 checksums / SHA hash codes calc. These links differ from the previous ones posted in this same topic because they are portable apps only (or adaptations of apps so to make them portable).

The Portable Freeware Collection - Files - Checksum Calculators :

The Portable Freeware Collection - Files - Integrity Checkers :

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