Alternate ways of writing UBCDLive V0.2.2b ISO to USB?

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Alternate ways of writing UBCDLive V0.2.2b ISO to USB?

#1 Post by coin » Thu May 07, 2015 4:33 pm

Have already read the recent announcement of the UBCD Live V0.2.2b available for download at ... =7&t=14828 and at
The latter site listed here specifically states
UBCD Live can be written to a USB memory stick using either Universal USB Installer or LinuxLive USB Creator.
The URLs to these USB-writing Windows apps: What alternative means are there of writing the ubcdlive022b.iso to a USB memory stick using other Linux distros or even UBCD V5.3.x itself? :?:

Also :idea: Anyone have any good success using UNetbootin for this purpose?

Thanks. :)

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Re: Alternate ways of writing UBCDLive V0.2.2b ISO to USB?

#2 Post by ady » Thu May 07, 2015 10:07 pm

Several comments:

1_ Unetbootin is not recommended for UBCDLive.

2_ dd-like methods are not recommended for UBCDLive.

3_ Under Windows, there are additional alternative programs (e.g. RUFUS, I have not tried with SARDU

4_ Unfortunately, the manual steps included in UBCD 5.3.4 (and older) for Linux users are not completely correct (not even for UBCD 5.3.4 itself, see for example ... 569#p25569) so I cannot suggest to adapt those steps to UBCDLive. And yet, many Linux users (with some experience) should be able to use similar steps for UBCDLive (although, the aforementioned correction of the steps would still be needed).

5_ Some Linux distros have scripts (not using dd-like methods). I cannot suggest any one in particular. Perhaps someone wants to test and report?

6_ Considering that UBCDLive is currently based on DebianLive, perhaps some of the methods used for ClonezillaLive and/or GPartedLive _might_ work for UBCDLive, in particular the "manual" alternatives. They very probably need some adaptation or additional correction; I have not tried them.

7_ Although I have not tested it, there is a tool at I do not know in which Linux distros hosts this tool would be available / would work correctly with UBCDLive / is updated.

8_ Test with (I have not tested it).

DISCLAIMER: For anyone trying any of these methods, you should know that you are the sole responsible for whatever you do with UBCDLive and/or with any of these tools. I am just providing these comments with good intentions, as generic information for potential users' convenience. I have nothing to do with any of these tools, and I am not responsible in any way regarding any of these tools or their consequences. In other words: use at your own risk.

Feedback, results, experiences... are all appreciated.


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Re: Alternate ways of writing UBCDLive V0.2.2b ISO to USB?

#3 Post by Victor Chew » Sat May 23, 2015 5:11 am

8_ Test with (I have not tested it).
I tested multibootusb on Debian today and it does work with putting UBCD on a USB memory stick.

First format your USB memory stick.

Then run multibootusb. Select the "Syslinux" tab. Then select "Install only syslinux (existing configurations will not be altered)", and click on the [Install] button.

Next mount the UBCD ISO image and copy its content to the USB memory stick. When all is done, you will get this directory structure:

Code: Select all

The last step is to copy "\boot\syslinux\syslinux.cfg" and replace "multibootusb\syslinux.cfg".

That's it!

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