Floppy image v1.5.2 and problems booting floppy images

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Floppy image v1.5.2 and problems booting floppy images

#1 Post by paalg » Mon Dec 24, 2007 11:19 am

I just wanted to mention a problem that some people might experience when using Floppy Image v1.5.2. As default the tool will save a description to the image file when generating floppy images. The image will not be bootable with memdisk (UBCD) if this description is turned on.

To turn off this option, choose edit | settings... and check the option "Create compatible IMG files (disables description)".

I have wasted hours trying to get the images to boot, thinking it was a problem with memdisk. Hope this helps someone out of major problems. :)

Floppy Image is anyway a great tool for generating floppy images and writing images to floppy.