Virtual Machines = "No Coasters"

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Virtual Machines = "No Coasters"

#1 Post by bldrdash » Mon Jun 20, 2005 12:22 pm

I use them all.

- Qemu: Great for testing UBCD (CDShell) menus: From the Qemu directory,
I run:
"qemu.exe -L . -m 128 -boot d -cdrom C:\ubcd.iso -user-net -localtime"

- Virtual PC: works well except for Knoppix 3.8 and the upcoming
version of Insert which will be based on Knoppix 3.8. Problem
actually has to do with the network card driver (or pump) in Knoppix,
which locks the VPC.

- VMWare: Simply great.

- For testing without coasters: CD-RW

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