Recovering Data using NTFS Reader and Sata USB Adapter

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Recovering Data using NTFS Reader and Sata USB Adapter

#1 Post by pgb » Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:38 am

Using the ultimate boot cd I was recently able to confirm that the data on a friend’s Laptop had not been lost. The Laptop running Vista failed to load the operating system and the automatic repair software from microsoft reported that the error could not be remedied. The only solution that the support team at hp could offer was to reinstall the system from scratch which would have meant losing all the data.

With help of the ultimate boot cd which I downloaded on my computer and burnt to a cd using nero I was able to examine the partitions on the laptop and locate the user files. This I did using the Active NTFS Reader under the Filesystem Tools and NTFS Tools.

With the NTFS Reader it is possible to display the partition data and the contents of NTFS Partitions. Here it is possible to list the contents of folders and also to search for files or folders.

In this way it was possble to locate all my friend’s data. The problem now was how to recover the data. In the end this turned out to be quite simple. We removed the hard disc from the laptop using instructions given by hp. We then inserted the hard disc into a 2.5er Sata USB Adapter which we connected to a second computer. To our surprise the second computer recognized the partition structure on the laptop’s hard disc and allocated volume letters accordingly. We then copied the data onto a further external hard disc. As an alternative it would also have been possible to copy the data to an internal disc and later transfer it to the laptop via a local network.

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