WinXP boot file repair.

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WinXP boot file repair.

#1 Post by scurling » Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:13 pm

My problem: working on PC with WinXP Home and system stops booting with error, "system32\ntoskrnl.exe" file corrupt or missing. This occurred right after I ran file defrag prog. The PC was workig fine before that.

I wanted to use UBCD to access the C:drive and replace the file. I have access to the file from another system.

I created the UBCD and have it working, I just don't know how to access the C:drive once booted. What am I missing?

Thanks for any assistance.


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update info

#2 Post by scurling » Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:50 pm

I do not have any startup or OS CDs. The PC is a preloaded IBM unit. I created a system recovery disk, but that doesn't seem to be working as I think it should. I can not access the recovery area on the hard drive, even though after running the recovery disk, the system indicates I now have access to recovery files, I just need to restart the PC. Upon restart, I get the same problem error as described above.

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#3 Post by marryjohnson » Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:38 pm

XP Repair install

Please read carefully and make sure you followed the warning links before initiating the Repair Install. You can print a text version for reference. repair.txt

1. Boot the computer using the XP CD. You may need to change the boot order in the system BIOS so the CD boots before the hard drive. Check your system documentation for steps to access the BIOS and change the boot order.
2. When you see the "Welcome To Setup" screen, you will see the options below

This portion of the Setup program prepares Microsoft
Windows XP to run on your computer:

To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER.

To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R.

To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3.
3. Press Enter to start the Windows Setup.

To setup Windows XP now and Repair Install , press ENTER. do not choose "To repair a Windows XP installation using the Recovery Console, press R", (you Do Not want to load Recovery Console). I repeat, do not choose "To repair a Windows XP installation using the Recovery Console, press R".
4. Accept the License Agreement and Windows will search for existing Windows installations.
5. Select the XP installation you want to repair from the list and press R to start the repair. If Repair is not one of the options, END setup. After the reboot read Warning#2!
6. Setup will copy the necessary files to the hard drive and reboot. Do not press any key to boot from CD when the message appears. Setup will continue as if it were doing a clean install, but your applications and settings will remain intact.

If you get files not found during the copying stage.

Blaster worm warning: Do not immediately activate over the internet when asked, enable the XP firewall before connecting to the internet. You can activate after the firewall is enabled. Control Panel - Network Connections. Right click the connection you use, Properties and there is a check box on the Advanced page.

KB 833330u Blaster removal

What You Should Know About the Sasser Worm and Its Variants

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011
7. Reapply updates or service packs applied since initial Windows XP installation. Please note that a Repair Install using an Original pre service pack 1 or 2 XP CD used as the install media will remove SP1/SP2 respectively and service packs plus updates issued after the service packs will need to be reapplied.