Various Hangs, Errors with UBCD

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Various Hangs, Errors with UBCD

#1 Post by EateryOfPiza » Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:02 pm


Computer specs in the signature.

I'm trying to run Memtest86+ 1.70 from the Ultimate Boot CD, but it hangs on Loading /boot/memtestp.....Ready. Anybody know anything about this?


EDIT: It seems that Memtest86+ is at version 2.01. I'll go try their standalone now.

EDIT 2: While booting into FreeDOS, UBCD seems to hang after "Loading memdisk... Loading /images/dosusbcd.igz....... Ready" This indicates to me that UBCD isn't working with my system.

EDIT 3: Okay, it seems to work now, after I plugged in my hard drive. I previously took it out. Does UBCD require the presence of a hard drive in order to function?

EDIT 4: I just tried DBAN and it failed to start and just said fatal error. DBAN beta that I burned myself did work, however.