Dell Optiplex 740 USB issue when running Parted Magic

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Dell Optiplex 740 USB issue when running Parted Magic

#1 Post by noob3837 » Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:24 am

I have several Del OptiPlex 740's that run Windows XP.
One uses bios version 1.1.3
The other bios version 2.2.7 (latest available from Dell)
When I load UBCD version 5.3.5 the keyboard arrow buttons work fine and when using any of the "low" level tools I have use of the mouse and keyboard.
When I start Parted Magic form the main screen it loads but I loose the use of the keyboard and mouse - I can't do anything.
I thought it may have been a bios issue since the bios can control the USB ports, hence one has the updated bios and the other the factory original bios.
I have tried moving the usb keyboard to different ports (all 8) with no effect. Same with mouse.
Can anyone else verify this on a Dell OptiPlex 740 running Windows XP.
Can anyone give guidance on what I am doing wrong?

Please note that I successfully used the UBCD version 5.3.5 on a different Dell Inspiron 620 running Windows 7 pro with no issues.

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