OS Installing

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OS Installing

#1 Post by nada » Sun Aug 21, 2005 4:50 am

After partitionning & formating my HD by PartitionMagic I can't install any OS anymore (win95, win98, RedHat6.0) on my old PC (PII 166Mhz, DD:2Go, Ram:24Mo). Although formating by dos, NT or linux didn't success.
I've prepared an UBCD cdrom and reboot my PC on it. The PC boot is ok and I have the GUI with different utilities of UBCD. But when I click on any utility I have the quick message " isolinux 3.07 03/01/2005 isolinux : found something at drive=9F " on my screen and two strips are displayed (unreadable) with lines of clusters. each cluster contain an ASCII code with different colors. the PC is blocked.
Thanks for help.