Fujitsu hard drive problem

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Fujitsu hard drive problem

#1 Post by EricM » Fri Jun 09, 2006 6:29 am

Problems with Fujitsu drive, failing the UBCD Fujitsu test with A106D4.

Reply below from Fujitsu Support - you may wish to include the tool on a future release.


The hard drive has obviously failed the quick diagnostic's test with "Pre SMART Errors" so really it is unrecoverable and will ultimately need to be replaced, as hard drives are not cost effective to repair.

I suggest you first try running our FJ IDE Initialiser (erase) tool which does mark the bad blocks thus resetting to 00 data patterns, this tool is downloadable from the Web Site link below: If there is any data on the hard drive then please back this up before proceeding with the fjerase.

You also must connect the drive directly to an IDE port on the Motherboard not via USB. ... =swr&wg=13 just unzip the files and run the program from a bootable floppy in the DOS A:

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#2 Post by alm » Mon Jun 12, 2006 12:14 pm

What's the difference between this utility and included disk wiping software like AutoClave and Active Killdisk free edition? They can also fill your HD with zeroes. I think some other HD diagnostic software (Hitachi?) also has this option.