Ultimate Boot CD
Ultimate Boot CD
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Current release: 0.2.2b

UBCD Live is a Debian Linux based LiveCD that was created as a candidate that will eventually replace Parted Magic (within UBCD). Its creation was mostly a result of this forum thread where we discussed what should replace Parted Magic after its author decided to put up a paywall around it.

The eventual Parted Magic replacement should have a few desirable characteristics. 1) It should support existing PM/UBCD modules. 2) It should be easy to customize. 3) It should have similar or lower system/memory requirements as Parted Magic. 4) It should have a user-friendly GUI.

UBCD Live is currently just a proposed candidate for replaceing Parted Magic with UBCD. There is no deadline for the replacement, and it is entirely possible that a better alternative comes along, in which case we will happily embrace that instead. However, after limited alpha testing by a small group of people, I feel it will help the project mature faster if we can get more people to test it and provide feedback.

UBCD Live can be written to a USB memory stick using either Universal USB Installer or LinuxLive USB Creator. Changes can be persisted to the USB memory stick by following the instructions here.

Tools currently included within UBCD Live are:

Name of ToolVersion
LeafPad Text Editor0.8.18.1-4
Netsurf Web Browser3.2+dfsg-2
SpaceFM File Manager0.9.4-2
Xpdf PDF Viewer3.03-17+b1
Clamtk Antivirus Scanner5.11-1
Clonezilla Disk Imaging3.10.11-1
PC CMOS Cleaner2.0
PC Disk Eraser5.0
PC Registry Editor1.0
PhotoRec File Data Recovery7.0
TestDisk Partition Recovery7.0
WHDD HDD Diagnostic/Data Recovery2.1
XFPROT Antivirus Scanner2.4expl6
Fskbsetting Keyboard Setiings0.3.2
GNOME Disks 3.12.1-1+b1
GParted Partition Editor0.19.0-2
GSmartControl HDD Health Inspection0.8.7-1.1
HardInfo System Information0.5.1-1.4
LXRandR Video Resolution Changer0.3.0-1
System Stability Tester1.5.1
Truecrypt Disk Encryption7.1a
Wicd Network Manager1.7.2.4-4.1

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468MB[MD5    ] 27b85e4c62e7c269ddc879cbc805a9df
[SHA1   ] 6aae66463504127a2f2216ce3f5d815bd8e6481b
[SHA-256] bd325ddddf8a678d7b84c6258198df6bdabade02ac012a6caa2b789a3b00baad




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