Not able to boot into custom Win7 image

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Not able to boot into custom Win7 image

#1 Post by Gene » Fri May 11, 2012 11:26 am

Ive set up a USB flash drive with multiple utilities we use on a constant basis. The last thing I would like to add to it is our Unattentended Win7 install CD. I created an iso of the disk and converted it to .gz. On the main menu i have:

MENU Label Win7 Automated Installer
unattended USB installer
LINUX /boot/syslinux/memdisk
INITRD /ubcd/images/Win7.iso.gz
APPEND iso raw

The file is 2,435,405KB total. When I choose the menu option it starts to load and displays a screen of dots. Next it gives an error of "Not enough memory to load specified imag."

I think the error is with the APPEND line, but Im not certain. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what the proper syntax would be to get the image to boot?

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