Recovery stopped after ca. 3 minutes -what can my father do?

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Recovery stopped after ca. 3 minutes -what can my father do?

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My father has a PC with windows 7 64bit Home Premium. On the DVD is a recovery partition that turns the computer in its delivery status. My father had problems with a printer driver and he thought this is something that could help him. He felt something was wrong and called me. The recovery process was running about 3 minutes.
In a "panic" action he pulled the plug and turned the computer off.

If he wants to start windows now, the computer asks for the windows DVD and if he chooses the "repair windows" point it doesn't help, he has only the possibility to do the recovery. He has no backup - this is not good.
I know there are ways to start with a live CD and we could try to donwload as much files as possible to a USB Stick/Drive.

My question:
Is there anyway to fix the boot sector, 3 minutes was the recovery process running - this isn't so long, it would be a lot of work to install all programs, email accounts, office and so on and so on.

There must be a way to fix this, which programm is not to complicated? I have knowledge in windows but never had such a problem. I downloaded UTLIMATE BOOT CD 5.1.1 and will burn the iso on a CD.
Which programm do you think I should use?

Which has the highest possibility recreating the system?

It would be nice if you could help me. Tomorrow morning I will drive to my father and it would be nice if i would know more than I do now ;-)


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