phantom boot record

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phantom boot record

#1 Post by treasure108 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:29 pm


hope someone can help.

when i boot to one of my drives (2 bootable, 4 data storage) i get a window coming up asking for me to select one of 2 Windows 7 options (they appear the same), one starts the computer just fine, the other gives an error. if i boot to my other bootable drive, no problems at all. i have even disconnected all drives to see if they were the cause, but no.

this only started recently when i used my rig to do a windows installation on a friends laptop drive. seems the drive i was working on had something to do with creating this issue. when i first plugged it in my computer had a hernia, message saying the overclock did not work, and the bios also reset - i did not even have any overclocking in place.

anyhow, that drive is gone now and i am trying to get my computer to behave normally again and boot normally without that option appearing.

is this the sort of issue that UBCd could fix?

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