UBCD 5.3.5 via PXE-Boot

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UBCD 5.3.5 via PXE-Boot

#1 Post by simpsonetti » Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:18 am

Hi, i want to try ubcd via pxe-boot.
i have a running enviroment with linux and its working with other programms.
But i don't know how to deal with ubcd.
I tryied to mount ubcd as as iso and it didn't worked. This is my pxe-default:
LABEL ubcd
MENU LABEL Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.5
Kernel memdisk
APPEND iso initrd=ubcd/ubcd535.iso

If i can't take this with the iso, how could i do it with the "regular" menus from ubcd?

Regards Sebastian

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