MHDD.CFG Edit Not Possible VIA "edit" OR "notepad" in CLI

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MHDD.CFG Edit Not Possible VIA "edit" OR "notepad" in CLI

#1 Post by 458SOCOM » Thu May 07, 2020 4:54 pm

I have downloaded, (MD5 and SHA1 successful) UBCD538 and have burned the .iso onto a CD-R disk, from the download page.

As I need to unlock an encrypted Seagate 2TB BUP + drive I am following: HDD -> Diagnosis -> MHDD32 v4.6
Before attempting to list the drives, these options below display:
1) Start computer with ADAPTEC SCSI adapter support
2) Start computer without SCSI support

When I select option 1 UBCD warns:

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AIC-78XX/AIC-75XX ASPI Manager for DOS
Version 1.36
Copyright 1994-1999 Adaptec, Inc.

Unable to find any AIC-78XX/AIC-75XX
ASPI8DOS.SYS installation failed. 
After this message, UBCD goes on to display the disk(s) however, I don't see any drives with "familiar names", I see:

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Port 1F0h
Port 170h
Port 100h
PCI Controllers
When I select any one of the ports and then type "unlock" the system warns:

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Device not ready

If i select option 2 (Start computer without SCSI support) from above, UBCD displays the same ports defined directly above and likewise I get the same results when I access any port and issue "unlock":

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Device not ready

Additionally, UBCD warns:
Auto detect disabled see: MHDD.CFG

I CD'd into /MHDD/CFG (DIR displays the file MHDD.CFG) and using:

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edit MHDD.CFG 
notepad MHDD.CFG

from the CLI in UBCD to edit MHDD.CFG, however those commands are not recognized. I located in one forum topic pertaining to MHDD.CFG and it was mentioned that MHDD.CFG could be edited under Windows, only I am unable to locate the directory /CFG let alone the file MHDD.CFG in Windows for some reason.

When in Windows viewing the UBCD disk I see:

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What am I missing, how should I edit MHDD.CFG to get it to recognize the drive?

Also, with respect to the SCSI option(s) [1 & 2] is there some documentation I could be pointed to to help me resolve this issue?

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Re: MHDD.CFG Edit Not Possible VIA "edit" OR "notepad" in CLI

#2 Post by The Piney » Mon May 11, 2020 2:02 pm

1. Is their a Seagate utility available to do this? I do prefer using a tool provided by the manufacturer if at all possible.

2. What are your system specs?

3. Encryption on any drive can be tricky as it's for security and doesn't always prove to be doable, in my experience. When you try to access the drive from your system what is it doing? Does it see the drive at all from your booted OS? Do you have some kind of access software that you have an encryption key already setup in? Do you know what your encryption key is? If you somehow get another program to "unlock" the encryption the data may be un-readable as it may just delete/remove the encryption key or key file, so if possible, make a backup of the backup data/key file.

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