Include zu betta

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Include zu betta

#1 Post by ziggy » Sat May 31, 2014 11:09 pm

Hi Victor

Would you so be kind to include the program "Zu (betta)".
The readme, I wrote it myself, because there isn't a readme or manual included.
In attachment you can find the zip with the program and my readme included.

Website / Author:

This tool will try to unlock the ATA password on several different brands of drives.
A must try if you want to get rid of a ATA password that you have forgotten ...

Important settings:
You need to understand that you need a compatible chipset and proper SATA/IDE BIOS settings.
I recommend early Intel based with both IDE + SATA support.
BIOS SATA/IDE controllers set to the most NATIVE and non-AHCI, non-RAID or compatible mode you can set. (This setting will vary greatly between motherboards.)
Try every setting if something fails or the unlocker does not see a drive.
You can test a good setting by booting and running a copy of MHDD 4.x.
If MHDD detects and lists the hard drive, then your BIOS settings are correct.
If you cannot see the drive, try different drive controller settings in your bios, or get another motherboard.

Zu betta

020813 (fix)

Use in a DOS environment -> Use freeDOS or something like that:
zu.exe /P (Primary Slot)
zu.exe /S (Slave Slot)
zu.exe /A (ACE PC3000 ISA Slot)

Tips if above doesn't work:
For Hitachi Global Star HGST / IBM drives add a "." like following "zu.exe /x."
For Native Hitachi drives add an "8" like following "zu.exe /x8"
x = P, S or A like seen in use section

Change log:
  • Maxtor 6G160E0
  • WD made for Lenovo.(08VAT2,08A23T1). thank you for resources durt2000!
    • Revised working with particular:
    • Correct detective SATA HDD
    • Detection of a Converter with on-chip JMicron.
    • Should work with MHV...BH,MHT and predecessors.
  • Added support for 0800h byte NVRAM HGST.(For Example Hitachi_HCT721016SLA380)
  • Added support for HTE545050KTA300_EK500_500, HTS545050B9A300, L9A300
  • Added support for SATA HDD performed using the Marvel Bridge (VLSA20)
  • For Seagate 7200.[7-10] you can try to disable the password,if did not change master password and Security level=High
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Re: Include zu betta

#2 Post by ady » Tue Jun 03, 2014 6:03 am

I might be missing something.

The tool seems to be unsupported, discontinued, without documentation, with no license of any kind, and it is supposed to work only on (some?) old Hitachi/IBM drives in IDE-compatibility mode using specific commands according to each hardware combination.

Am I understanding this correctly?

Aren't the other HDD password-recovery methods working on this specific group of drives?

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