syslinux: no previous syslinux boot sector found

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syslinux: no previous syslinux boot sector found

#1 Post by rdiez » Fri May 08, 2015 1:17 am

Hi there:

I just downloaded UBCD 5.3.4 and had trouble creating a USB boot disk. The instructions here:

are mainly for Windows users and there is little help for Linux.

I followed the instructions in this file:


The syslinux command failed with error message "syslinux: no previous syslinux boot sector found". This problem is described here: ... stick/2512

I had to add switch "--install" to make it work. Could you please amend that file with that hint?

Another thing worth mentioning / clarifying is that you need to run syslinux from your hard disk, because you cannot mark files as executable on a FAT32 partition, which is what we formatted the USB drive with. I do not know why I assumed one should run syslinux from the USB stick, but such a hint would have saved me some time.

Thanks in advance,

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