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Grub2 support for the UBCD (or boot from HDD partition)

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 12:17 pm
by estellnb
It would be really nice if the UBCD updated its usage of Grub1 to Grub2. Grub1 is hardly used today and far not as feature rich as Grub2.
* If Grub2 was used then it would simply be possible to dd the UBCD.iso into a HDD partition and then boot from it via the grub.cfg that would reside on the iso. Readonly hard disks (or SSDs with ro-switch) are the modern alternative towards carrying around a bunch of CDs/DVDs/BDs.
* If Grub2 was available on the UBCD this could come to the rescue when the boot loader would have been overwritten/destroyed by accident on the hard disk.
-> the only thing that would need to be done is rewrite the following commands to use multiple files instead:
write --offset=15 /bin/setargs.bat ubcdcmd=keydisk\r\n
It is a pitily no more available with Grub2.