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Requested Changes

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:26 pm
by Anonymous1010
First off I want to say that I appreciate that there is a forum for UBCD so that people can come together and share their concerns. I used to use UBCD back in the day, but havent used it because I feel it needs alot of updating and I thought it was a discontinued project. Seeing that people still post here and that there was an update as recent as September, it excited me to the core.

I think it would be awesome to implement these changes. Have the OS be windows 10, or at least offer an alternative for this. Next, I used to use AVIRA alot on it, but when I look at the list of what Antivirus's are on there, I dont see that one anymore. Avira is not just my preference, there is actual data showing that it has one of the highest (among a few others) detection rates. When using UBCD, I honestly dont want to have to run through several programs trying to clean up a pc. I want to use a few good ones. Here is my evidence that its rated as a good Antivirus by an independent source and they give specifics

Next, I know this request has come in alot, but I think there should be some work towards it even if it means contacting the manufacturer to help make the program more compatible. Malwarebytes should definitely be on UCBD. I saw an old image of it running on UCBD, and if that rogue person can get it to run, then someone of a more professional caliber should be able to.

I think all of this would be a very strong start. I would also recommend changing things like the font and background to give it a clean and updated touch

Re: Requested Changes

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:43 am
by The Piney
UBCD is Linux/DOS based programs. You may be looking for UBCD4Win but that project has stopped all activity.

There are projects available to create "live / PE" environments similar to UBCD4Win but using more recent Windows versions.

Avira has a free bootable/live CD available as do many others. ... ls-2625785