Updating included Parted Magic with latest Paid Version

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Updating included Parted Magic with latest Paid Version

#1 Post by jamieburchell » Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:32 am

I wanted to update the included free version of Parted Magic with a paid version and couldn't find any current instructions on how to do this. It wasn't obvious to me how to do this; adding the ISO directly as a custom distro doesn't work. It was easier than I thought though and nobody was more surprised than me that it booted.

1. Visit the Parted Magic website and purchase the latest version; download the ISO (e.g. pmagic_x.iso)
3. Download the latest version of the UBCD (ISO)
4. Extract the UBCD ISO files to a temporary working directory (e.g. ubcd5) (you will need a tool such as 7Zip)
5. Remove the old .SQFS file from ubcd5\pmagic\pmodules
6. Copy the entire pmagic_x.iso\pmagic directory to ubcd5 (overwrite existing files)
7. Replace the ubcd5\pmagic\boot directory with pmagic_x.iso\boot
8. Edit ubcd5\pmagic\boot\syslinux.cfg and replace any instance of "/boot" with "/pmagic/boot"
9. Optionally update the date/description on the menu item in ubcd5\ubcd\menus\syslinux\main.cfg
10. Follow the usual instructions for customising the UBCD and creating bootable media

The only catch is you won't get support for EFI boot, as the UBCD doesn't support in that mode.

Hope it helps someone!

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