Update Avira AntiVir VDF and DEMO MODE fix

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Update Avira AntiVir VDF and DEMO MODE fix

#1 Post by Bandit » Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:46 pm

The Avira AntiVir Rescue System is an amazing tool to have in any geek's arsenal. After all, most geeks are unwillingly recruited to rid their friend's computers of nasty viruses, scareware, spyware, and other forms of malware. The Avira AntiVir Rescue System is critical to get the job done while still preserving your sanity. As such, I will detail how to update the virus definitions and fix the dreaded "Demo Mode" error.

NOTE: If you want to update the whole AntiVir Rescue System (recommended) go HERE.

This tutorial assumes you already have a copy of ubcd503.iso and it is installed properly on your flash drive.

First thing you'll need to do is install the latest virus definitions so AntiVir can detect the latest malware threats.
1. Go to http://www.avira.com/en/support-vdf-update-info
2. Download the iVDF one
3. Extract the files from the zip archive
4. Copy antivir0.vdf, antivir1.vdf, antivir2.vdf, and antivir3.vdf to /antivir on your flash drive (replacing the ones already there)
5. Boot into AntiVir and try scanning with it to see if it works... If you get the DEMO MODE error, proceed to the next part of this tutorial.

Ok, so you've updated the virus definition files, but Antivir is refusing to cooperate and has put itself in "Demo Mode." Now you have a choice. Do you want to do things the easy way or the hard way?
1. Download the modified initrd.gz file from one of these sites:
2. Check the md5sum of initrd.gz (should be da4032301e1eda9403790638eba95a66)
3. Rename /ubcd/boot/antivir/initrd.gz to initrd.gz_old
4. Drop the modified initrd.gz into /ubcd/boot/antivir/
5. Boot into AntiVir and try scanning with it to see if it works.

The initrd.gz file is a gzipped ext2 filesystem image. You can decompress it (gzip -d) and mount the filesystem (mount -o loop /path/to/initrd /mnt/initrd). Now you have the ability to edit the filesystem. You need to download hbedv.key, rename it to avrescue.key (optional), and drop it in /mnt/initrd/usr/lib/AntiVir/. Unmount the filesystem (umount /mnt/initrd) and gzip it back up (cat initrd | gzip > initrd.gz). Now you can follow steps 3-5 from the "Easy Way."
***Thanks to Nitehawk form the Avira forums for discovering the solution.***

If everything went well, you now have a fully functioning Avira Antivir Rescue System.

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