HD Partitions missing after using UBCD2USB

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HD Partitions missing after using UBCD2USB

#1 Post by slachance12 » Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:03 pm

Ok here it is. In order to fix my laptop with a corrupted MBR I ended up using UBCD2USB in my other PC to get my USB stick bootable. I used the "-D" parameter to identify device number. Not knowing what device it was I simply started with #1 ...then #2 ...then #3 ...Finaly #4 did the trick, my USB stick was flashing and formated with boot image, I was then able to use it to fix my laptop.

Now the problem. After rebooting my PC (the one I used the UBCD2USB -D 4 option with), I am now prompted to insert a bootable media!!! After a quick review of the problem, my SATA hard drive is missing all 3 partitions. What is going on here? Am I the only one who had this problem? What can I do to recover everyhting?

I'm using VT8237 SATA RAID controller. DOS driver is out of the question.

Thanks for your help.