Great freeware prog for burning the iso

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Great freeware prog for burning the iso

#1 Post by Pain_Man » Sun Jul 29, 2007 7:08 pm

A great way to burn the ubcd iso to CD is to use ImgBurn, a freeware prog that can be found here:

There's great support from a large user base and the prog's author, Lightning UK, also frequently answers support-type questions. The link to the forum is on the main page.

It's very easy for newbies to use. You just install, then set the Mode to "Write" and either drag n' drop to iso onto the ImgBurn window or use the old fashioned method and locate the iso and have the prog load the iso.

It's also a dvd/cd ripper as well. It has many other functions and tweaks.

I just burned the ubcd iso to a 24x CDRW in 1:40 (including Verification).


It does not, however, rip protected DVD videos (and pls do not ask any questions regarding ripping such videos), nor can it read/write CDDAs at present (it has something to do with each track being read as a separate session), tho' that functionality is said to be coming soon.