How to check my OS (WIN XP) for errors? PC wont start

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How to check my OS (WIN XP) for errors? PC wont start

#1 Post by Espen_jobb » Fri Aug 31, 2007 12:32 am

My PC wont start. The WIN XP logo and progress bar appears, but after a while (prior to logon) it turns black. Harddisk continues to work another 10-15 seconds, then it appears more or less dead. Most probably the Win XP is corrupted in some way. I think it may be a virus, because my son (who used the machine) had some warnings (Avast Home Adition) about it that he unfortunately ignored...

I have put the HD in an external cabinet, and virus checked the primary partition (TREND HOUSECALL), but no virus detected.

How can I check the disk/OS for bugs/corrumption - Is there any program on this UBCD that can do this for me? My gut feeling is that the disk is physically OK...