Help With Seagate Firmware Flashing

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Help With Seagate Firmware Flashing

#1 Post by sexconker » Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:03 pm

I need to flash my drive's firmware, and I need a floppy to do it.
So I figured I would see if it was possible to do it through UBCD.

What I have is a .BAT file with:

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sf -m TONKA2 -f TONKA2 -r -v
sf -m TONKA2 -f TONKA2.CRT -s -v
sf -m TONKA2 -f TONKA2.TBL -s -v
sf -m TONKA2 -f 0C399680.BIN -c -v
And I have SF.EXE, the TONKA and other files.

Seagate says to boot to a DOS floppy, then, from a separate floppy, copy the files over and run the BAT file.

Simple enough.

But I have no experience customizing UBCD.

I have no floppy, so I can't make a image of those files.
I don't have a DOS disk so I can't boot to DOS.
I have the files that I must run under DOS.
That's about it.

Could I load the .BAT and other files into a directory in UBCD and access them somehow?
Do you think it would have to be MS-DOS I woul dhave ot boot into, or would Free-DOS / etc. suffice?