multiple dos apps don't work from USB key

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multiple dos apps don't work from USB key

#1 Post by oneru » Wed Jan 09, 2008 8:05 pm

First of all, thanks, Victor, for the great work on the UBCD.

I have UBCD 4.1.1 installed to a 1 gig usb key with backtrack added as well. I have noticed that multiple Dos apps simply do not work with this setup. I have pulled out the CD that I copied from, and it has no problems running these apps.

The problem utilities seem to be those that start dosubcd.igz

The programs hang while extracting a:\level3\
I have even run option zero while starting the DOS, that is the one that just dumps me to a shell. I can go find and try to extract it, but that fails, IIRC with an out of memory error. I have yet to get these to work from USB key. I have tried all the different settings that I can, and nothing seems to make a difference. If anyone can help, or even suggest what may be happening, I would appreciate the help.