USB Question/Problem

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USB Question/Problem

#1 Post by Skriptor » Wed Apr 16, 2008 3:30 pm

I have recently been using UBCD to backup some of my systems with ghost. Everything has been fine until recently when I came upon one of my "portable" systems that has no ps2 connections for keyboard and mouse. When i boot UBCD I get to the main menu screen, but the USB keyboard i'm using no longer functions at this point and I can not do anything.

My second question was also related to USB. I was curious as to whether or not USB2.0 drivers were present on UBCD. When ghosting the data seems to be going slower than what I am familiar with and I am backing the data up onto an external hard drive via USB. I know the system supports USB2.0, so I was wondering: 1) Do I need to do anything to enable USB2.0 if it is support initially and 2) If USB2.0 is not present on UBCD, how can I add driver support for it?