Really need help. Harddrive locked!

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Really need help. Harddrive locked!

#1 Post by nocturna » Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:42 pm

Hey everyone..

So here's my problem: I used HDDErase to erase my harddrive. It worked great. However, I accidentally started the long process over and I didn't want to wait I rebooted. I didn't know when I did that that I was making a big mistake, but apparently it was. After the second reboot.. I got a message stating my harddrive is locked and I need a password. Now that this occured..I cannot use the harddrive at all. I cannot format it, I can not erase it, I can't do anything. Not without unlocking it first.

According to the HDDErase readme..
Q: My laptop shut down before the secure erase ended, etc... Now my hard drive
is locked with a password. How do I unlock it?

A: Normally if the secure erase procedure does not complete HDDerase can be run
again and unlock your drive and then complete the erase procedure. An audit
trail will be written to LBA 0 to confirm this. The unlock option ("U" from the
options menu) can also be used to automatically remove HDDErase set passwords.
If you are unable to run HDDerase again the user password that is set for
HDDerase v3.2 is: "idrive". The user password that is set for all versions of
HDDerase v3.1 and below is: "xty3fgds2h32j4kd02k9rfgep36435". A number of free
utilities are available to unlock drives with a known password, such as atapwd
( and MHDD ( to
name a few. Please verify the correct version you are using and unlock with the
appropiate password, then disable withthe same password.
However, those passwords don't work. No luck.

Can anyone please help me? As of now, my laptop, which is my only computer, is useless :(. I can only use a livecd with no access to the HD aside from knowing it is working and exists.

here is the harddrive info..

It's a 120gb Western Digital drive. It is WDC WD1200BEVS-2 (ATA). Hope you can help me some how..a tool to remove the password..a way to get it, etc.

Thank you.

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#2 Post by Icecube » Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:15 am

Very recently there was someone else having this problem (and many others in the past):

Use the last HDDerase:
Download Ultimate Boot CD v5.0:
Use Parted Magic for handling all partitioning task: