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Mapping to network share NEED HELP!!!

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 8:44 pm
by kschuster
I just downloaded UBCD4 3.3 BASIC iso and created my boot disk. I have a laptop that that has the lsass.exe contant reboot issue... I'm wanting to get booted to dos, map to my other XP box, copy some files then reformat the laptop and start over.

I'm going in and trying the various DOS Boot Disk options. During one of my 50 or so attempts I was prompted to use Net Use (with syntax) to connect to the xp box. I did it and was able to copy a file.

NOW I can't remember which dos boot version I used to get that prompt and actually connect.

It's driving me nuts I've been in and out of these 50 times easy.

Can some one guide me through this? Which dos boot disk is best suited for what I need to do - if that matters... OR what are the serious of commands to accomplish this?

-- My network here at home runs thru a linksys router.

Another note on this. I ran MSNET went through the prompts I added the router IP for DHCP. it got to loading NETBIND

MS-DOS LAN Manager v2.1 Netbind
Error: 7906 Unable to open PROTMAN$