FreeDOS Boot-Disk with "Boot From Harddisk"-Option

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FreeDOS Boot-Disk with "Boot From Harddisk"-Option

#1 Post by Hellmachine » Thu Jan 12, 2006 8:09 am

Hello all together.

I don't know if this is the right location to find help...but I do not know where I can search for help. So...please direct me to a forum where I will find some answers, or just help me :)

I have the following problem:

I once had a Windows98 Boot Disk. It was a Unattend-Preparation Disk with some Tools to manage variables and disks. I installed Bart's Freeware jo.sys onto the disk.
The first time I booted it, I hit any key and the disk booted. During this 1st boot I collected some information and started the Unattend-Setup. After a while Windows rebooted. The second time I did not hit any key and the Setup-Routine continued.

Now I have transferred this disk into a FreeDos-Disk. It is (as the name says) free and I can share it with other users without breaking laws and rules. But FreeDos does not handle the jo.sys. And I spent many hours on finding an alternative-product for freedos...without any success.

I found the Simple BootManager...but after installing it to my "Unattend-Preparation Disk" the data on it was killed. It works fine...I can start from HDD or from CD...but no longer from the disk containig the Manager.

Then I found this site...and new hopes are growing.

Is there any simple solution to get my FreeDos-Disk behaving similar to my Win98-Disk?

One important fact: I do not have any knowledge of compiling any source-codes or usin Linux or so please a solution easy to understand for a beginner :)

Greetings Hellmachine