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Create a Sequence of Events (flash bios, run stress tests,..

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 3:46 pm
by vmehta211
I'm trying to modify UBCD for work use.

This CD will be used in flashing the bios, running stress tests, and launching a install ISO.

1) I wan't to use a DOS utility iflash.exe to flash an Intel bios.

2) I want to launch an ISO of an CD image that we use in house to install a customized version of Linux. (It is based on the redhat kernel (I'm kind of a nood on Linux so I don't know if that's enough info)).

3) I want to run stress tests on the h/w in the PC. I need them to be sequencal and unattended tests for the memory, hard drive, and cpu. The reports on these tests can be printed on a printer, to a server machine, to screen, or any other ideas?