Live OS/2 on UBCD... err... I mean eCS!

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Live OS/2 on UBCD... err... I mean eCS!

#1 Post by psych787 » Thu Jun 15, 2006 10:53 am

This might seem like a totally ridiculous idea, but I'm trying to boot eComStation from UBCD. Ideally it'll be just one mroe cool tool on this great CD. :D

But of course memdisk can't load something that big!
So I tried diskemu, and eCS starts to boot off that, but after a while at the splash screen it says "Please insert eComStation CD," or something like that.

BCDW... well nevermind that it's not gonna work :P.

My thinking is that diskemu's virtual CD isn't really a virtual CD...

Any ideas?

EDIT: Looking at eCS files and stuff, it appears to load some kind of memdisk of its own after being booted. Perhaps this is screwing up any existing disk emulator (ie. diskemu)? If so, what can I do to make a diskemu persistient here?