recover files from NTFS

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recover files from NTFS

#1 Post by zachofalltrades » Fri Jul 21, 2006 9:50 am

I used the "TestDisk" partition tool to recover partition information for an internal SATA NTFS drive. I have an internal FAT32 drive on EIDE as a destination for file recovery.

I only seem to be able to get NTFS support if a I boot "NTFS for DOS" from UBCD4Win -- If I try to enable NTFS support while launching OpenDOS or FreeDOS, the startup script just hangs indefinitely after invoking the NTFS support driver from Sysinternals. I'd be happy enough to use NTFS for DOS on UBCD4Win, except that it does not include xcopy, and the copy command does not seem to support the /s switch for subdirectories (making recovery of "My Documents" a pretty tedious task).

Should I customize UBCD or UBCD4win (and if so, in what way), or have I (probably) missed another option?