3.4 menu ok but goes nowhere

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3.4 menu ok but goes nowhere

#1 Post by Mach.0001 » Sat Jul 29, 2006 9:16 am

To be frank I know zip about this and have read the forums about boot problems and blank screens and frankly its all in code - to me anyway.

My new system has an Award F9 bios and I set my BIOS to boot from CDROM, and it always booted to WinXP until I eventually established that at the end of the long list of bootable devices in the BIOS was my "named" DVD ROM and great I now booted to UBCD and got to the menu.

Choose anything and I get a message that says Isolinux found something at A0 ---- and thats it? ? ? ?

I think the problem is this fancy systems BIOS identifying my DVD by name and not just as CDROM and when it gets to UBCD menu and selecting F1, etc it cannot find my CD in the DVD ROM. Is this the problem and is there a simple solution or do I just forget it? :shock: :(