Making an OS/2 boot image for UBCD?

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Making an OS/2 boot image for UBCD?

#1 Post by cebailey04 » Mon Oct 02, 2006 10:43 am

Has anyone successfully created a bootable disk image that will boot OS/2 from UBCD? I tried creating the 3 OS/2 Utility diskettes using the function that is built into OS/2 Warp. The first disk, "DISK 0", contains mainly the OS2LDR. The second disk, "DISK 1" contains a CONFIG.SYS file and a number of device drivers, and the third disk contains a few utilities: FORMAT, FDISK, etc. I can boot the PC with DISK 0, which loads OS2LDR, which prompts you to insert DISK 1, which loads the device drivers and finally gives you a command prompt.

I used WinImage to capture an image of DISK 0 and used its "Change format" function to change the diskette format to 2.88MB. Then I used the "Inject file" function to add the files from the other two diskettes and then saved the 2.88MB image. I added a selection to the UBCD menus to select this image.

I have tried memdisk, diskemu, and bcdw. memdisk won't work on this image at all; it quickly hangs. diskemu and bcdw seem to work up to a certain point. I can see OS2LDR getting loaded, it seems that maybe some of the device drivers get loaded, then I see the diskette light flash a couple of times and the boot process hangs. If I guickly insert DISK 1 into the diskette drive while OS2LDR is being loaded from UBCD, it starts reading stuff from the diskette and eventually the OS/2 command prompt comes up and behaves normally.

It seems that OS/2 wants to load its own floppy disk device driver, which overrides the diskette emulation provided by diskemu, bcdw, etc. Is there some way to get around this and have it load everything from the CD?