Maybe you can help or refer?

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Maybe you can help or refer?

#1 Post by jhmac77 » Mon Nov 27, 2006 11:46 am

I have a 160 GB hd. Windows XP ( FAT32 format) has 127 GB. 127 is all that my Western Digital software would recognize.

Then I added Ubuntu Linux which I believe took up 2 GB of the remaining(after 127 GB) + 2 other partitions which I believe are part of the Linux setup. Then there is the Master Boot Record. I am not sure where the boot file(menu) for Ubuntu is located.

How would I go about removing Ubuntu and the boot file(menu) without disturbing the booting of Windows XP?

Which one of the programs in UBC would be able to do it. Or is the safest way to do this is to repair or reinstall Windows XP(Home ED)?

I am very new at all of this.