Diskemu and UBCD 4.0

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Diskemu and UBCD 4.0

#1 Post by henryjfry » Wed Mar 14, 2007 10:08 am

How do you use diskemu with the menu system as used in ubcd 4.0.

I am trying to add some images to a ubcd disk abd have been able to successfully add images from bootable floppies but have so far had no luck with acronis true image iso and xp recovery console iso (xp setup disc with only the files required to run the recovery console).

Any instructions on this forum relate to the old cd shell type menus and anything I try just doesnt work.

LABEL recoveryiso
MENU LABEL Recovery console
KERNEL diskemu
APPEND /custom/recovery.iso

Doesnt do anything.

The lack of up to date help documentation and the 3 tutorials that say essentially the same thing doenst do much to help the linux uninitiated like myself