my laptop is dead after using Ultimate boot

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my laptop is dead after using Ultimate boot

#1 Post by arahardja » Sun May 13, 2007 3:37 am

Hi there,
I really need your help urgently.

Today, I tried to fix my toshiba P20 laptop using Ultimate boot cd.
the initial problem was that my laptop could not boot up with an error message "stop C0000218 the registry can not load the hive"
I tried to use recovery console but because i forgot the administrator password, it did not work, so I use the ultimate boot cd to reset the password, however, it would not re-boot, so I turned it off and after a while, I turned it back on, but it would not re-boot and nothing happen, just the power light will be on plus the noise from the fan, and the rest are blank, no hard disk indicator and the screen is blank. However, the laptop will be turned off by itself after a while. :cry:

any suggestion what to do? your help will be much appreciated