Ultimate boot disk VS Eurosoft PC Check + Others...

Post your suggestions here if there are new features or applications that you would like added to the Ultimate Boot CD.

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Ultimate boot disk VS Eurosoft PC Check + Others...

#1 Post by originaltim » Fri Sep 14, 2007 3:58 am


I am looking to start helping people fix their PC's and have been looking for some tools to help identify/diagnose problems. I am an experienced PC user and need to get "proffesional" I.E fix things fast in order to justify charging £15+ per hour. (seems the going rate here in London)

Has anyone has any experiance using Eurosoft's PC check software - as far as I can see a lot of tools seem very similar to what is on the Ultimate boot CD?

Can anyone advise as to if its worth purchasing the software? Or maybe some kind person would be happy to let me know the best tools to use for inorder to have the best chance as a successful PC technition. (I understand its all about how you use the tools - I.E you could have gold plated tools and million dollar software but if you have no idea what they do or how to use them you may as well use a knife and fork sort of thing!)

I would also like an experinced tech to act as a mentor - I would be happy to pay £10 per successful hour. So if I get a job where I can't work it out - but someone can - and I fix it say in two hours - you get £20 - I would send an email copy of the invoice so you can see what has been charged and know you got paid right!!!

Maybe this is the wrong thing to ask on this forum. Sincere appologies if this post is not really in the sprit of the forum.

I have looked and looked online for a "Insider PC repair resource - the only place a new PC technition needs to go" etc. But nothing yet.

Perhaps I should start one...

Thanks so much,