Suggestion: Make it easy to add a few files to the image.

Post your suggestions here if there are new features or applications that you would like added to the Ultimate Boot CD.

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Suggestion: Make it easy to add a few files to the image.

#1 Post by psylence » Sun May 14, 2006 1:43 pm

Over the weekend we did some work on a friend's computer. The first order of business was to get his BIOS flashed as hitting DEL to enter "Setup" resulted in a locked system. We tried with UBCD for awhile, but the command interpreter on UBCD was not able to read data from any other (Joliet) CDs we burned with the two BIOS files. While I concede it might be my ignorance which led to this not working, I believe that UBCD is not currently distributed in a fashion which makes it easy to modify.

My suggestion is one or all of the following:
1) Publish a process by which users can add small files to the ISO without breaking it. (We tried doing this with WinISO or some utility, but the resulting ISOs no longer booted.)
2) Add capability to the shell/interpreter to read Joliet burns. This way we can boot with UBCD, then swap in the CD containing the BIOS utilities we need to use, such as AFUDOS.EXE as well as BLAHBLAH.ROM. (Asus flash utility and ROM of choice.)

Otherwise this looks like a very handy piece of work. Thanks for putting in the time.