boot record troubles

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boot record troubles

#1 Post by Mig21 » Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:14 pm


i am very sorry to bother you, being such a stranger, but i am out of ideas and it looks like you're into this kind of thing so you might be able and hopefully willing to help me out.

i'm working on iso master, and one of the critical features missing is boot record support.

first i've had a lot of trouble reading boot records, as the 'sector count' field of the initial/default entry of the boot catalog doesn't match the actual sector count of any isolinux.bin

i thought i've solved this problem by detecting that the boot record is also a file in the regular iso tree and getting the size from there.

but the images i write will refuse to boot (isolinux complains about a checksum error). i used ultraiso to extract the boot record from both the original cd and the one i wrote. the original extracts fine but the one i wrote extracts only the first 0x800 bytes :( i have a feeling these are the 4 sectors specified in the said 'sector count' field.

i thought i finally had this boot record stuff nailed down but it looks like i am still missing something.

could you please help me out? i can now read boot records ok, as described above, but where the devil do i write the size of them?

thanks in advance