need a coder for small customized ubcd

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need a coder for small customized ubcd

#1 Post by mahi » Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:06 am


I would like to customize ubcd for my clients which
are newbies.

I need a very simple version of the well known ultimatebootcd :

just keep

1- NTFSDOS free version in order to proceed by the user a chkdsk /r from a F1 key command on ntfs partition

2- AVAST or AVG with online definition virus update started from a F2 key command.

3- A linux-based livecd from a F3 key command.
I provide a small ubuntu version (below 350 MB)

The total volume must be under 350 MB

design : change the color of the standard ultimate boot interface.

Thank you for your help. You can send me a quote by private mail.