Fastfat.sys BSOD after using UBCD2USB

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Fastfat.sys BSOD after using UBCD2USB

#1 Post by tfchui » Sun Jun 03, 2007 11:03 pm

Blue screen says, "Fastfat.sys - Address ...", "page fault in non paged area"

First time, BSOD was right before the message, USB is completed or finished.
Second time, BSOD after USB completed message.
Third time, leaving the USB in the port, came back in 10 minutes, windows had rebooted.

Maybe this has to do with my Iomega usb powered zip drive. I had BSOD for that drive, which windows identified as a past problem, and has a solution for. But all this time, it wasn't plugged in.

This is what I get from Windows XP after rebooting,

Problem caused by Device Driver

You received this message because a device driver installed on your computer caused the Windows operating system to stop unexpectedly. This type of error is referred to as a "stop error." A stop error requires you to restart your computer.

More information


Problem report summary

Problem type
Windows stop error (a message appears on a blue screen with error code information)

Solution available?

What does this problem mean?
Windows has encountered a problem it cannot recover from and it needs to be restarted


Computer symptoms
A message appears on a blue screen with error code information (for example: 0x0000001E, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED)

Additional steps for you to take
Please continue to send problem reports so analysts at Microsoft can study and try to correct the problem as quickly as possible