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Victor Chew
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Re: pm2ubcd script discussion

#41 Post by Victor Chew » Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:20 pm

Just tested pm2ubcd beta3 to integrate PMagic 06_15.

No problems encountered.

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Re: pm2ubcd script discussion

#42 Post by ady » Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:54 am

The new pmagic_2013_06_24 testing version has changed its Syslinux menu in several ways. It also updates the Syslinux version, which means that the "old, manual" update method (by copying "all" from pmagic's ISO image into the "./pmagic/" folder in UBCD) might not work correctly in some cases; so the pm2ubcd script is now more useful than before.

I'll be working on an updated pm2ubcd script to handle these recent changes more gracefully. The good news is that the script should avoid problems with the updated version of Syslinux in PMagic in any case.

To be clear, there are several reasons to keep using Syslinux 4.xx in UBCD and not to update to a newer Syslinux version; not yet.

As soon as I can, I'll be posting here an updated version of pm2ubcd. New pm2ubcd2013JUN25 attached to next post, #43.
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Re: pm2ubcd script discussion

#43 Post by ady » Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:06 pm

New release, pm2ubcd2013JUN25, compatible with UBCD 5.2.x, and with pmagic_2013_06_23 (testing) and newer.

The same instructions as with previous releases are still valid.

As a remainder, please keep in mind that this script only takes what PartedMagic's developers do. It will not correct any potential issue of the original PMagic. This is specially relevant for the testing versions of PMagic.

Code: Select all

FILE : pm2ubcd2013JUN25.tar.gz
SIZE : 7'383 bytes
MD5  : 78e7c471beb56fb20476d8f795f85052
SHA1 : 8c24f4509766341c2cc5906e727eab27ea365f73
As usual, feedback is very appreciated.

:( :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
There is a small issue with this version of the script. With pmagic_2013_06_23 and newer, the following lines in "[tt]./pmagic/boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg[/tt]" remain:

Code: Select all

INITRD /boot/syslinux/hdt.gz

INITRD /boot/sgd/sgd.gz

INITRD /boot/sgd/sgd2.gz

INITRD /boot/mhdd/mhdd.gz
[/size]instead of being edited (by the script) so to point to the correct path, "

This happens only with those recent changes in PMagic, already commented in the previous post.

I'll take care of these lines in the next release of pm2ubcd. I am leaving for now this release, just for those brave enough :).

pm2ubcd2013JUN25_2 attached.

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FILE : pm2ubcd2013JUN25_2.tar.gz
SIZE : 7'436 bytes
MD5  : 1d336476729945e528edb175b8532e51
SHA1 : 0adbf84afa1a4ab1034de9c55560493b39580704

UPDATE: New version released. See next post.
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Re: pm2ubcd script discussion

#44 Post by ady » Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:50 pm

For years, PMagic's syslinux.cfg was pretty much unchanged. During the last few months, PMagic's syslinux.cfg has been changed with additions, deletions, re-additions, re-wording,... These changes (and others that are off-topic here) have left some (minor?) inconsistencies in PMagic's boot configuration.

This new version of pm2ubcd tries to cope with some of these changes, so to keep support for newer and for older PMagic versions.

For most (but not all) users, I would suggest manually deleting the content of "
" before executing pm2ubcd. The resulting directory should be cleaner (with less unneeded remnants from previous versions of PMagic).

For users with customized "
" (meaning, other than an updated standard PMagic), the aforementioned suggestion should be ignored. Such users are always going to need some additional step(s), as pm2ubcd targets standard UBCD.

To be clear, if the previous content of "
" is not deleted, nothing terrible would happen; there would be some unneeded left-over files, and the new syslinux.cfg will just ignore those remnants.

I want to remind users, once again, that pm2ubcd only merges PMagic into UBCD; it does not "correct" any inadequate content of PMagic's syslinux.cfg.

As always, feedback is appreciated.


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File: pm2ubcd2013JUL29.tar.gz
Size: 7'477 bytes
MD5 : 7ed20ecac57b0d7b96b563fc0a9efcd5
SHA1: 52a19137c9612af638eb7d23eff73af0f1f80a24
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